Inflight Medical Services International, Inc. Details matter.

Since 1978, we have provided aeromedical transport broker services for more than 20,000 patients and their families worldwide. We strive to provide the highest quality care tailored to the individual needs of each patient, based on the special considerations and procedures required during air medical transports.

We’ve earned their trust. We’ll earn yours, too.

Some of the facilities that have used our services include:
Memorial Sloan Kettering, Mayo Clinic, Veteran Administration Medical Centers, MD Anderson Cancer Center, CTCA, Tri Care, Cleveland Clinic, New York Presbyterian, MGH, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital, UCLA Medical Center, Texas Heart Institute, Boston Children’s, Miami Children’s, Bureau of Prisons, US Marshals, Nursing homes, Baptist Hospital, Jackson Medical Center, St. Luke’s, University of Miami Medical Center, Kaiser Permanente, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, University of Washington Medical Center, Tampa General, U.S. Embassy, St. Anthony Hospital, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, University of Tennessee Medical Center, Emory University Hospital, Major Oil Companies, Car manufacturers, Foreign Governments and Dignitaries, Motion Picture Guild, Transplant Centers, Major Airlines, Ground Ambulance Companies, Major League Sports Teams, State Agencies, and hundreds of private individuals and institutions.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! InFlight Donates Lear Jet To Andrews University

Click here to learn how our generous donation of a Lear Jet provides hand-on training for aviation students at Andrews University

“In December 2016, the Department of Aviation received a 1981 Lear 25 jet. The plane was donated by InFlight Medical Services International, Inc., who also gave Andrews University a 1966 Lear 23 in 2012.”


Also: Click here to learn more about Inflight’s philanthropic support of aviation education at Andrews University ›

24/7 availability and readiness, reliability and expertise.

For emergency air transport, scheduled patient transfer via air ambulance, "life flights," and for a number of other aeromedical broker services, Inflight Medical Services International can be ready at a moment's notice - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your call will be answered by a trained flight coordinator who understands the concerns of our patients' families and urgent need for immediate answers.

maryFrom answering your initial call to verifying that your family member has arrived safely at their destination, your flight coordinator will stay with you through the entire process of engaging our air ambulance services. We believe it's our role to do everything possible to alleviate confusion and to eliminate the burden of flight details for our patients' families during what is most often a difficult and stressful time for them.

In addition, out of consideration for your needs and wishes to be together as a family, patients' families fly free with Inflight Medical Services International.

A diverse fleet standing by.

diversefleetUsing a variety of aircraft through broker services enables us to offer you the most advanced, best suited and cost-effective air ambulance service, determined only by the origin and destination of the patient transfer and their individualized reasons for transfer by aeromedical transport.

Aircraft operated by Panther Aviation (same ownership) are certified by the FAA and meet or exceed FAA Standards for FAA part 135 operation.

argusAdditionally, Panther Aviation (same ownership) is a Gold-rated charter provider with specialized aviation services company ARGUS. argus A Gold Rating is granted by ARGUS after in-depth historical and background evaluation is conducted on an operator. If the operator scores favorably, in comparison to similar operators with like exposures, they can earn an ARGUS Gold Rating.

ARGUS charter operator ratings are the most sought after third-party validations for the largest and most sophisticated buyers of on-demand charter in the world. ARGUS Rated charter operators boast a proud reputation amongst their competitors, and have flown millions of safe, secure, and comfortable flights around the globe.

Flight staff:


  • Airline Transport Pilot
  • Learjet Type rating
  • First Class Medical Certificate
  • FCC Radio Operator's Permit
  • 26,000+ hours total time
  • 21,500+ hours in turbine powered aircraft
  • 9,100+ hours in Learjets
  • B.S. in Aerospace Administration from Middle Tennessee State University
  • B.S. in Professional Pilot from Middle Tennessee State University
  • 26+ years with Panther Aviation


  • Airline Transport Pilot
  • Learjet Type rating
  • First Class Medical Certificate
  • FCC Radio Operator's Permit
  • 13,500+ hours total-time
  • 13,000+ hours in turbine powered-aircraft
  • 5,200+ hours in Learjets
  • B.A. from University of North Carolina
  • 16+ years with Panther Aviation


  • Airline Transport Pilot
  • EMB-120, CL-65 type ratings
  • First Class Medical Certificate
  • FCC radio operators permit
  • 10,000+ hours flight time
  • 8,500+ hours turbine powered aircraft
  • 3,000 hours in Candadair CL-65 regional jet
  • Associate of applied science aviation. Spartan School of Aeronautics
  • 8+ years Captain. FAA Part 121

Maintenance Director and Chief Mechanic:

  • Holds an airframe and power plant license
  • Over 44 years of experience
  • Experience includes lead mechanic at Garrett Aviation and engine shop manager at Continental Jets
  • Graduated South Georgia Tech
  • 30+ years with Panther Aviation

limo2Check Airman - MU-2B:

  • Airline Transport Pilot
  • Learjet type rating
  • First Class Medical Certificate
  • 33,500+ total flight hours
  • 18,900+ in the Mitsubishi MU-2B
  • Has flown the MU-22 both corporate and Part 135 for 30+ years and is also rated in Learjet, BA-3100 and Commercial Privileges Rotorcraft – Helicopter. Holds FAA Pilot Examiner (since 11/1991), PE, CIRE, FIE, ATPE, SPE/SFIE
  • In November of 2008 enshrined as a member of the TENNESSEE AVIATION HALL OF FAME, received the Wright Brothers “MASTER PILOT AWARD”, for 50+ years of aviation without any incident, and was named “FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR OF THE YEAR 2008”
  • Panther Aviation Certificate Check Airman for MU-2

Aircraft fleet, operated by Panther Aviation, argus includes:

  • Lear Jets
  • Mitsubishi Prop Jets
  • Also, IMSI brokers flights and uses other FAA 135 aircraft.

Inflight Medical Services works with WorldFuel Services, one of the world's leading providers of aviation fuel support. With the largest fuel supply network in the industry, WordFuel’s ability to immediately respond 24 hours a day to any urgent need allows them to cater to the unique requirements of air ambulance flights.

We're staffed with skilled, certified medical professionals.

staff3Each flight can be staffed with different skilled medical professionals. We always try to ensure the most professional, reliable and individualized care throughout the entire air medical flight. Flights are staffed by at least one skilled, certified medical personnel which depends on the needs of the patient or requirements of the sending physician.

Chief Flight Paramedic Coordinator:

  • Holds an Associate’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering and a Bachelor’s Degree in Emergency Medical Science
  • Started in the fire service as a fire fighter, heavy rescue technician, and paramedic.
  • Active pilot and a former Captain in the Civil Air Patrol.
  • Certified in ACLS, ITLS, PALS.
  • Community emergency response team instructor and a public fire and life safety educator.
  • 30 years in emergency medical services
  • 15 years with Inflight Medical Services

Physician Medical Director:

  • Board Certified in Internal Medicine
  • 30 years experience and has approved over 15,000 air ambulance flights with a wide ranging need of care. Dictated and/or approved the Inflight Protocol used for air ambulance transport by IMSI
  • 25 years with Inflight Medical Services

Advanced technology

learnhMost aircraft equipped as an air ambulance have advanced medivac equipment, including advanced life support systems. We use aircraft that are equipped as deemed necessary by our medical director or patient's sending physician. All equipment is updated and serviced, assuring excellence in quality care.

Some of our medical equipment available includes (may not be on every flight):

  • Cardiac Monitor/Defibrillator - Zoll
  • Suction Equipment - Laerdal
  • Oxygen
  • Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation Equipment
  • Critical Care Medical Box
  • ALS Drug Inventory to DOH-EMS standards (American Heart Association)
  • Pulse Oximeter - Respironics
  • IV Pumps - Alaris
  • Built-in FAA-approved stretcher
  • Ventilatory equipment, personnel and support upon request

Payment options to meet your needs.

Inflight Medical Services International offers the following options of payment for our medical air services:

  • Hospital Billing
  • Insurance Assignments
  • Visa, Mastercard, and Discover
  • E.F.T. (Electronic Funds Transfer)
  • Personal checks
  • PayPal

Useful Downloads

Note: For a list of prohibited items aboard our aircraft, please consult the official TSA guidlines, here.